apply for a payday loan online now!
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apply for your payday loan now!

To apply for a payday loan you must...

  • be 18 years old or over
  • have a regular job in the UK
  • have a UK bank account into which your wage is paid

...if that sounds like you, why wait until pay day when, with a payday loan, you could have that much needed cash in your bank account today?

Typically payday loans are used for urgent, short-term cash shortages such as dental bills, car repairs, school uniforms etc., only borrow an amount you feel sure you can repay on your next pay day. See more about payday loans in general on Wikipedia.

Used intelligently, payday loans can be a convenient, cost-effective solution to your short-term money problems. If you have more serious long-term cash-flow problems, then you should probably seek independent debt management advice.

Note: We are not brokers - applications are handled securely by one major direct payday lender (Wage Day Advance Limited) who deal with thousands of payday loan applications daily.



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APR 7048.4%


Why use us?

  • Major UK direct lender
  • We do not broker loans
  • UK based call centre
  • Same-day service
  • Entirely online process
  • High acceptance rate
apply for a payday loan online now!